West Palm Beach Marble Care: The Essentials!

West Palm Beach Marble Care by WPB Tile and Stone Care

Marble has been used since the ancient times to make buildings counters and other structures. Aside from being durable it also has the advantage of being versatile and beautiful. If you’re looking for a West Palm Beach Marble Care company, then you can certainly trust WPB Tile and Stone Care to take care of your marble needs.

You might ask: how hard could it possibly to take care of stone, even pretty ones? Stones are stones after all and they’re supposed to be hard and resilient.

Do you really need a professional West Palm Beach Marble Care to take care of your stone structures? The answer is yes.

Despite the fact that marble is hard and sturdy, it needs regular maintenance from a West  Palm Beach Marble Care expert to make sure it lasts. You see while everyone thinks all pretty stone structures are marble, not all of them actually are. It could be granite, limestone or even sandstone. Each needs a specific set of care guidelines to make sure they are preserved properly.

One can determine the type of stone by doing a visual inspection. Granites usually have few veining while true marble has numerous ones. Limestone usually has small fossils imprinted on them. Differences between stones can be subtle that sometimes contractors cannot even tell what stone they’re using to build. The best way to determine the type stone you have is to consult with a West Palm Beach Marble Care expert.

There are basically two types of stones siliceous or calcareous. West Palm Beach Marble Care professionals can determine what type of stone it is by conducting acid sensitivity tests. Siliceous stones such as granite and sandstone are more resistant to acid while calcareous stones such as marble are sensitive. Acid sensitivity tests are best left to West Palm Beach Marble Care experts as this test can permanently damage stone if done incorrectly. In addition, stones with sealers or polish can give false results.

Once our West Palm Beach Marble Care experts determine the type of stone you have, they’ll know what type of finish will best in your stone. They’ll also know if your stone will benefit from a sealant or not. In a sense a sealant is ideal to keep fluids from ruining the appearance of marble.

However, sometimes they can actually cause more harm than good, particularly in areas that see a lot of freezing and thawing. Determining what type of finish or sealant your stone needs will definitely need the expertise of a West Palm Beach Marble Care veteran like us at WPB Tile and Stone Care.

Aside from determining, finishing and sealing your marble and stone structures, our West Palm Beach Marble Care experts won’t leave you hanging.

They will also teach you how to properly clean your marble, what emergency measures to do when there are spills and how to prevent them from getting nicked or scratched.

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