Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services: 3 Important Marble Properties That You Should Know!

Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care by WPB Stone and Tile Care

Many things are known about marbles, but there are marble facts that are only known to a few people. These are the people who are exposed to marble manufacturing, marble construction, and marble maintenance personnel. Our Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care crew belongs to the last category. Our job at Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services has brought us face to face with several types of marbles, reinforcing our knowledge aside from what we learned from our research.

Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services is a company that specializes in all types of marble care and maintenance; there’s nothing about marbles that we don’t know about.

Marbles have these tiny spaces randomly distributed over its surface. These are called pores like the ones we have on our skin. The difference is that our pores are deeper and have hairs in them and they’re more visible to the naked eyes. Marble pores are smaller and much shallower. Pores are the Waterloo of many marble cleaning services. There were several times that we at Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services had to deal with marble floors, walls, benches, bathtubs, decors and more which were very shiny but at the same time super dirty. Most of them were white but we thought they were black during our initial investigation. Their surface was shiny alright, but the pores were full of dirt giving the marble a black appearance.

There are a lot of marble fixtures which are damaged because cleaning services failed to take the pores into account. They thought the dirt was just superficial and used too much force, scrubbing the surface to no avail. The dirt refused to budge but the marble surface was scratched badly.

This brings us to the second marble fact: marbles are chalky and are easily scarred or scratched; this is especially true with new marble floorings. Our Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care technicians are very careful about dealing with marble surfaces. If you look closely at marble floorings you can even see tiny floor polisher marks. There’s no need to use heavy duty polishers to clean marble floors. The secret lies in the application of the wax before stripping and after sealing.

Our Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care experts can remove these tiny marks that prevent the marbles from giving their maximum shine.

Marbles glow. They have this innate luminance only slightly perceivable to the eye. Only excellent marble cleaning services can expose this; only they can give your marble flooring that amazing look. We at Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services have been doing this ever since. And if you happen to visit some of the places that our Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care experts have happened to clean, you’ll wish your marble floorings were exactly the same.

Call us at our Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care office or send us an email to our Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care website and we’ll do the same to your marble floorings and other marble furnishings. And you’ll be surprised how cheap our charges are. Yes, we do very high quality jobs for very low charges.

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