Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services: Stripping Your Marble Furnishing for the Best Cleaning Results!

Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care by WPB Stone and Tile Care

There’s something about marble cleaning that requires a more thorough and systematic step-by-step approach. This is what Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services is all about. As part of WPB Stone and Tile Care continuing effort to educate you about proper marble care, Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services will give you some insights concerning how to do the proper stripping of your marble furnishings.

First of all, what do Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services mean by marble stripping?

Marble stripping is a process by which embedded dirt and impacted wax are removed completely both from the surface and pores of the marble stone. Yes, marbles have pores. Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services won’t recommend cleaning without applying the stripper first; you’d just be making matters worse. You’ll keep filling the pores with more dirt deposits.

If you continue with this type of cleaning, your marble furnishings’ appearance will deteriorate. No matter how you scrub and scrape, which has a damaging effect on marbles, you’re just touching the surface dirt, leave much in the pores.

There are several commercial grades of strippers available. You can choose between water soluble and kerosene based strippers. Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care specialists recommend the water soluble type. They’re gentle on the surface. Read the label carefully about the proper application and dilution. The strength of the solution will depend on the stubbornness of the dirt. There are strippers too for removing paints, stains, and other blemishes.

Wash surface with soap solution then rinse and dry. Then apply the stripper. Let it stay for 30 to 60 minutes and use a floor polisher to remove the embedded dirt. Then rinse with water and dry again.

Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care experts recommend staying away from the marble until it’s fully dry. The pores are now empty, ready for waxing. Care should be taken so that no dirt will re-contaminate the surface and get into the pores. Let it dry thoroughly and then begin applying the proper wax. After about 30 minutes let the floor polisher run over it. You won’t believe how clean they’ll look; almost brand new.

It’s time to seal the marble surface. The principle is akin to lamination, but without the plastic. Another chemical is applied over the wax to seal it in and to keep dirt out. The shine will stay longer, fully protected from any outside contamination. Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care specialists won’t recommend that you do the entire process without proper training.

It’s easy to destroy the marble surface with erroneous application of the strippers. Experienced Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care technicians will do the job for you at very affordable prices.

What are the advantages if you let our Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care specialists do the stripping for you?

First you’ll get nothing but perfect results all the time. Second, you don’t need to buy the cleaning materials and store the left overs. They can be dangerous if left unattended for a long time. And third, you don’t have to buy or rent floor cleaning equipment. You will have  to clean them and spend for repairs every time they break down.

Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care uses only the safest and non-toxic chemicals.

Palm Beach Gardens Marble Care Services offerings include  marble cleaning, restoration and polishing.


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