Marble Restoration Is More than Just the Usual Polishing and Cleaning!

marble restorationMarble Restoration

When I hear of marble restoration what comes to mind are the art experts tweaking the great marble statues of masters, maintaining their glorious beauty for posterity. Well there’s another kind of marble restoration going on, but don’t think they’re any less intricate and challenging. What I refer to here is what WPB Stone and Tile Care has been doing these past few years. If you’ve patronized us in the past then I definitely know that you have nothing but praises for the amazing results of our restoration efforts.

Marble Restoration Should be done by Experts

What’s the difference between marble polishing and marble restoration? I won’t go into details but remember this: people who do marble restorations can also do marble polishing as well, but not all people who can do marble polishing can do marble restoration. Mable restoration requires more expertise, intensive training, long experience, and an artist’s touch. It’s an art. And for this reason we have in our employ people who have all these characteristics. Marble is a very expensive and delicate material. You just can’t trust your marble floorings, fire places, countertops, walls, posts, and more, to just anyone who’ll present themselves to you.

Marble restoration includes cleaning and polishing. But more than these, it also includes repairs. This is the tricky part of the job. Inexperienced hands can destroy your floors and other house parts, much worse if the job includes restoring old and antique stuffs such as antique figurines, Corinthian posts, and statutes. With us doing the marble restoration job for you, you don’t have to worry about anything bad happening to your marble furnishings and decors. WPB will give you the best results, definitely more than your money’s worth.

The advent of the internet has made it possible for all of us to discover a lot of things which we can put to good use. But this isn’t the case for everything, such as DIY marble restoration. It’s a red light flashing with sirens fully blaring, all telling you to stop. Unless you’re trained and experienced in handling proper marble restorations, don’t. You will spoil the marble. Cleaning chemicals are great if you know how to use them. Discoloration is one bad side effect, though. Leaving scratches is another view spoiler. Creating tiny holes and craters are scary possibilities.

How come we know so much about these negative results? There were instances when we were called to carry out restoration jobs only to find out that there were others ahead of us. And what a mess they left behind. We had to dig deeper into our expertise and resources to fix the wreck.

WPB is an Expert in Marble Restoration and More

You’re lucky if you’re marble fittings, fixtures, and furniture remain pristine after long years of service. It’s not really easy to find the best all-around marble care experts. One may be good at cleaning; another one in polishing. Still some are experts in restoration. If you need a one stop shop, you can rely on WPB. You don’t have to go shop hopping for your marble restoration and care. We are capable of doing all aspects of marble handling at very reasonable prices. Call us. Your budget is also our budget.

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